A tiny experiment with food and time

My grandmother used to say that the older you get, the more quickly time passes. In her eighties she would spend most of her days sitting in a chair by the window, looking at passersby. She would fill a glass of water in the morning and by the time dinner was served, the glass was still half full…

Time is a relative concept. I for one, am someone who is prone to think too much about it; afraid it will slip away, which leads to nothing but me pondering its concept all day. I am someone who needs to do several things at once in order to get anything done. I need to keep my mind occupied, or it will keep itself occupied.

When 2016 rolled around I decided I would spend it baking; one thing every day. It only lasted three and a half months, by then my day job got so demanding that I got home around six and went to bed at seven. But the simple act of repeating one small act every day was comforting if nothing else. It also suspended time. Even though every evening I felt like I experienced a deja-vu to the evening before that, and before that and so on, for that brief moment I spent in the kitchen, time seemingly stood still.

And even though I love to bake, I never thought much of the kitchen as a space to spend time in, so when I stumbled on this quote by Nigella Lawson in one of her books, I was awe struck: “…for me the kitchen is not a place I want to escape from, but escape to…” It seems that some people leave time, worries and obligations and the kitchen door, escaping into the heavenly scented world of cookery. I want that, I thought.

After a short deliberation it dawned on me that cooking meals, both dinner and breakfast, might be the act that will give me some peace and quiet during busy weekdays. Something to keep me grounded in time and make the house smell nice. A tiny experiment is called for. I figure I can last three mornings and late afternoons in the kitchen if I come up with a meal plan and a decent grocery list. And instead of preparing the same meals every time I cook (which is not often, so you can imagine the size of my cooking repertoire) I figure I try out a few new recipes while I’m at it. I browsed the internet (heaven only knows why, as I have a stack of unread cookbooks on my desk as big as three pound cakes) and I came up with a meal plan as you can see below.

Now, bear in mind that my kitchen is a complete mess at the time of writing, so fingers crossed. Yet I feel that this tiny experiment might be the catalyst to an organised and spotless kitchen, or at least until I start cooking. As long as the organising part doesn’t keep me from actually cooking a meal, which would be so fitting given my tendency to procrastinate, but way less tasty.

tiny experiment menu


Breakfast: boiled egg, Knäckebröd with cheese and a slice of banana bread
Dinner: gnocchi with chicken sausage and tomatoes


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, toast and strawberries
Dinner: meatballs with roasted cauliflower


Breakfast: banana topped pancakes
Dinner: fish tacos made with homemade corn tortillas

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