The tiny experiment continues

Remember this?

“I feel that this tiny experiment might be the catalyst to an organised and spotless kitchen, or at least until I start cooking. As long as the organising part doesn’t keep me from actually cooking a meal, which would be so fitting given my tendency to procrastinate, but way less tasty.”

I’m not about to tell you the experiment went as planned, or that it was anything near successful. In fact, day two didn’t even happen until day three and day three is still on my to do list. I think I just have to accept the fact that cooking every day is not for me. It’s not plain laziness, it’s that right now, cooking still makes me feel slightly anxious. Like I referred to in my initial post, Nigella Lawson once wrote that for her, the kitchen is a place to escape to, not from. I still wish that someday I feel the same.

However, this tiny experiment continues nonetheless and I do have some progress to report: most days the kitchen is spotless. Now I can’t take all the credit for that, but it is a comforting improvement. I’ve also made an effort to escape more to the kitchen instead of from it, yet when I’m dead tired, I still avoid it like the plague. But who knows, maybe someday I will escape to the kitchen and whip up a meal, no matter how tired or grumpy I am. Until that day comes, I’m grateful beyond words for a boyfriend who’s never too tired to cook.

I’d love to hear if you escape to or from the kitchen and why. Perhaps I can draw inspiration from it!

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