Stuff to read while you eat

Perhaps your mother told you to not read at the table. Dinner is to be accompanied by conversation only, no words on paper or images on screens, she says. While I agree that eating at a table surrounded by friends is delightful, and can make for great memories, I have to say that some meals are better eaten alone, with something to read (or watch) for company instead. The home alone meal after a gruelling day at work, the occasional breakfast in bed, the quick lunch at your desk; all with a side of literature or something of that sort can be quite comforting. And so, without further ado, here are some interesting things I found on the web this week, to read (and watch) while you eat:

A Taste of Home: Ruby Tandoh’s recipe for chocolate orange marble cake

The science behind why people buy bread when snow is in the forecast (

The science behind food porn

Stop eating it wrong!

City of Gold: documentary on the LA Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold.

“For all the excitement of bringing home a freshly baked loaf, crisp enough to shatter under the bread knife, with a chewy crust that is usually removed, buttered and devoured before I even have my coat off, there is inevitably some left after a day or two that is beyond toast.” Nigel Slater on what to do with stale bread. I might just buy a loaf and let it sit until stale to be able to make this. Talk about comfort food…

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