Stuff to read while you eat #5

Amidst the everyday hustle, to do lists, grocery shopping, food prep and melt downs; here’s your weekly dose of stuff to read while you eat.

First of all; if you haven’t bought the paper copy already (which is your loss, as it’s sold out now, just fyi) head on over here to get your digital copy of Do What You Want; a zine about mental wellbeing of which all (that is 100%) proceeds go to mental health charities.

It’s been all over the world wide web; Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen the new cookbook written by Zoe Adjonyoh and now all I can think about is peanut butter stew.

Zoe’s Ghana kitchen reminded me of ‘Homegoing’ a beautiful novel, set partly in Ghana, by Yaa Gyasi who was named one of the Best Young American Novelists by Granta magazine last week.

The struggles of writing about Chinese food as a Chinese person. A must read.

In a weird turn of events, people were making money and becoming famous for eating the things I had grown up with and had been bullied for. And so fresh out of college with a journalism degree under my belt, I headed straight into the world of food writing, capitalizing on the nation’s growing obsession with my people’s food.


Generations ago, there was a real lack of Chinese speaking writers of Chinese descent. But this is 2017, where there are more than 3.8 million Chinese people in the United States. Yet white people are still the dominant representatives of Chinese food in mainstream media.

Clarissa Wei

Dividing and conquering the cuisines of China

Jay Rayner on half-hearted desserts and proper pudding 

Dessert is an indulgence that is at risk of being forgotten

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