Stuff to read while you eat #4

Reading whilst eating is generally not advised. It is said to make you eat more and taste less. But some days reading something while you, for example, have lunch or dinner, is the way to go, no? So here’s some stuff to read from around the web while you enjoy your meal!

I don’t know about these Chinese pantry essentials; I think all Chinese food products are essential, because pretty packaging…

I really enjoyed reading Stephanie Danler’s Sweetbitter. In fact, ever since I finished it, I looked forward to rereading it. Maybe this week on a chilly and rainy day. Anyway, here’s Stephanie’s Grub street diet!

This post by Joy has been in the back of my mind all week. Fifteen years, I’ve been blogging and following bloggers online. It feels like a lifetime. “We’ve grown up together”

Why is French wine so inexplicably great

A guide to the breads of Mexico

Last but not least, a personal blog to read: only today I discovered the blog of Nana, The Toilet Papers, I’ve only read snippets, but every sentence seems to hit the mark with me personally. Not in the least because her posts features books, travel, food and personal stories.


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