Stuff to read while you eat #3

Before I share the first Edible souvenirs interview with you, I thought I’d leave you with a few interesting things to read over the Easter weekend (whilst you eat all those chocolate easter eggs). And while I have your attention; feel free to share any interesting, food related articles you find via mail of twitter and I’ll add it to next week’s list!


Interesting read on why we eat eggs for breakfast and how to make a perfect fried egg.

The two types of salt you need

Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen has some quick and easy bodega lunch ideas for you. Now if only we had bodega’s like that in Amsterdam…

A culinary legend’s next fight

Ruth Reichl shares a few housekeeping hints circa 1965 and how to manage a maidless dinner (circa 1942)

I thought salt was killing us these days, but I might be wrong. It might also be fat, or sugar. Or all of the above.

Repeat after me: one-third of the world’s food is thrown away. ONE-THIRD. Here’s more on the matter.

DIY Marinara and anchovy pizza (my fav kind)

I’ve never had a peep in my life, but this is still a short but fascinating read; the history of Peeps.

“It took perhaps as many as 80 people to make a limited amount only during the Easter season. Each worker spooned small batches of freshly-made marshmallow—made from the flower of the marshmallow plant, whipped egg whites and lots of sugar—into a fluted steel tip, which squirted out the mixture in the shape of baby chicks. Then, they were left to air-dry. Records say that it took upwards of 27 hours to make one tray of these first “Peeps.”


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