Stuff to read while you eat #2

Whenever I stumble upon an article I want to read, it’s usually food-related. I also tend to stumble upon these articles when I have no time to read them. Figures. So I collect them over the course of the week, to read them during my days off. Which is how this list came to be in the first place. You might think I’m collecting these articles and sharing them here for you, dear reader, but to be honest, I’m doing this for me. Mostly. So I’ll have something to read while I eat. But nothing’s or no one is stopping you from doing the same. In fact, I encourage it. So here are some interesting things I found on the web this week, for you and I to read while we eat:

How to eat a really big lunch

Ever wonder why crispy food makes you feel the way it does? Exploring the multisensory experience of food

Where most best-selling cookbooks go wrong:

“Cookbook writers are held up as figures of authority in the public imagination, and it’s not a ridiculous demand for readers to ask them to be more mindful about food safety. Perhaps the most alarming find is that Chapman cites an analogous study conducted 25 years ago that reached similar conclusions about the inadequacy of popular cookbooks when it comes to food safety, indicating that very little has changed, and that our current day writing-and-editing process for cookbooks may call for more rigor.”

This can’t be good, right? It’s impressive if nothing else. Pastrami topped fries and an Instagram empire.

Maple flavoured everything.

Know when to eat your greens; a handy chart for how long fresh produce will last

Fiction confidential; getting to know the real Anthony Bourdain

Deep-fried egg anyone? It’s part of the recipe for pad krapow moo, with a side of Kay Plunkett’s memories of growing up in Bangkok.

I made these meatballs (by Orangette & Smitten Kitchen) the other day, I might have mentioned that. I might mention it again. They’re that good.

Last but not least; the history of Maldon salt

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