Marlou Saris’ edible souvenirs

Years ago our paths crossed because of a mutual love for all things Nordic. Having lived in Finland for years myself, and Marlou living in Norway at the time, we both wrote for an online magazine about Nordic music & culture in The Netherlands. Fast forward to 2017 and we’ve never met anywhere but online, yet still, when I think about bringing home edible souvenirs, Marlou Saris is one of the first people that come to mind. Right now she lives in Utrecht and she works as a communication officer at Go Europe, which goes to show that even if she lives in her native country, Marlou’s mind is always wandering to destinations abroad.

Why do you bring home edible souvenirs?

Because I like to hold on to the flavours of my vacation a bit longer, as well as to that vacation feeling. Plus I like to share that feeling with my friends and family, and to bring back things I can’t buy at home.

Marlou Saris edible souvenirs from Iceland
photo by Marlou

Do you look for anything specific during a trip?

I prefer to bring back chocolate because it is easy to transport and a fun souvenir for both myself and others. Packaging design abroad is often very nice as well, which makes it extra fun to buy. And I always try local dishes, so if I a dish that I would like to replicate at home, I will bring back the ingredients I need, and I always end up bringing back some local coffee and tea.

How does it make you feel using those products at home?

As if I’m still on vacation.

Do you have a trip planned in the near future or a travel destination in mind that you’ve always wanted to visit, and if so, what would you like to bring home from it?

I will finally go to Finland this summer! About ten years ago a penpal sent me Finnish Salmiakki , every since then I’ve been longing to be able to go there and buy some myself. They’re supposed to have a lot of different kinds of liquorish in Finland, and I look forward to trying and buying those as well. Plus all that cute Moomin packaging they have there…!

Marlou Saris edible souvenirs from Denmark and Zweden
photo by Marlou

Can you name a few of the edible souvenirs that you brought home over the years?

Chocolate and tea from around the globe, Matcha Latte from Korea and Green Tea-Fruitella from Hong Kong, Danish rugbrød, pick and mix candy from all over Scandinavia, Norwegian lomper and lefser and Icelandic liquorish flavoured sea salt.

What is or has been your most precious edible souvenir and why?

Lomper (a thin tortilla-like bread) is the one thing I always bring back from Norway. I’ve lived in Norway for a total of fours years, and since for me Norwegian summer equals lomper, I bring it with me every time. Norwegian summers are my favourite, and with each bite the lomper brings back that feeling, wherever I am.

Marlou Saris edible souvenirs with beautiful packaging
photo by Marlou

If you want to see more of Marlou’s travel adventures and the things she brings back with her, follow her on Instagram. Aside from her work at Go Europe, Marlou is a translator (Norwegian & Danish to Dutch) and a avid letter writer.


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