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The ‘Things’ section over at The Gannet is my favourite part of their website. It’s where people allow a peak into their kitchen and talk about the ingredients they use, prized kitchen objects and favourite cookbooks. I always love a good list, so here’s my short and sweet take on it.

Piri piri spices: we better call it a collection; there’s piri piri mix from Portugal, but all the other types of piri piri we have are from South-Africa. A blend, a rub, a grinder. Piri piri chicken is a all time favourite on our menu. The hotter the better.

Scandinavian pearl sugar: yes, there’s such a thing. I either order it online or smuggle it home in my suitcase, because no matter how many Dutch or German or anything else closer to home than Scandinavian brands of pearl sugar I try, none can top the one from the North. A must in preparation of the perfect cinnamon bun.


A very old hand mixer that I inherited from my grandmother. I only ever use it to whip cream, just like she did. I also inherited a knife of hers. She used it daily, I use it occasionally to cut bread, cake or small veggies. And there’s my collection of Moomin mugs. Not something I use to cook or bake, but I use these mugs daily and have done so for 17 years now; ever since I got the first mug as a gift.

Falling cloudberries by Tessa Kiros: I love it because Tessa shares both Finnish, South African and Greek recipes. I’ve lived in Finland and I have travelled to South Africa twice, so this is a cookbook that I’ve used often.
My first cookbook: as the title says, this was my very first cookbook. In it basic recipes, but I’ve made so many of them when I was little. The cake recipes I use to this day.

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