Hello? Change, is that you? The flu you say? Sorry wrong number.

Last year was such a bitch, everyone was either getting sick, or sick, or afraid of getting sick or died without warning or lost their ability to stand up straight for a week (that would be the BF and his vertigo)

Every day I took time off from work was equalled by a day I would work extra just so I could have a normal vacation at one point, only to have that interrupted by some other disturbing thing as well. Like my depression, or the flu, did I mention the flu? I had it twice. Than at the end of the year with everything done and dusted (except for my home) my body was all like ‘I need a nap’ and apperently a long one, so now I’m working half days and slowly building up to 8 hours a day again except for these past two days when I’m once again stuck at home with the flu. I’m so over being sick, not that I was a huge fan before.

All this made me long for change. No more blowing the nose into tissues or living under a blanket. I thought about drastically changing my wardrobe. Putting on different make up, never leaving the house without lipstick on again. Maybe get a second hole pierced in my ears or get my nails done.

Someone once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. That’s exactly how my life has felt for the past year or so.

But what to do differently? Can it be as simple as lipstick and a new pair of jeans? I haven’t worn jeans in years. Maybe that’s what’s been making me sick.

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