2 am thoughts on the blog

Perhaps it should not be limited to anything. In this case ‘it’ being this blog. Food is as much part of our daily lives as breathing is, although you could live on without food a little while longer than you could without breathe.

I’ve been trying to turn this place into so many things. Never truly launching it or giving it my all because it has to be perfect first, right? Or at least that’s how my brain works.

Luckily my brain also has moments of clarity, given at rather an odd hour, it being half past one in the am and I can’t sleep because of the damn flu. Yet, the flu is not to thank for my writing here, it’s my reading somewhere else: thetoiletpapers.com

Words that flow like that awaken this kind of longing in me to write down my own thoughts. Why? I don’t know exactly. It just keeps coming back. Writing is a way of processing things for me, a way to become informed and a way to form an opinion. It’s also a way to dump the brain dump.

Speaking of the brain dump. I think the most disappointing fact of depression is that you can feel better but you have to work really hard to get there and even harder to stay there. It’s like not eating the marshmallow day in day out. Although, to be honest I hate marshmallows so this might not be the best example, but you’ll catch my drift.

If food is part of life than why talk only about food? Somehow in some way food is intertwined with every story anyway, which just goes to show that I did not think this through. But it’s nearing two am so it’s the best I can do.

Food feeds the stomach, stories feed the soul. I think that’s the way to go. Also books feed the mind, so be on the look out for them as well.

Welcome to the new, not so much improved, Milk on Friday. A place for my brain dump and food stories. … I was never going to talk about recipes and food groups and all the things you aren’t supposed to eat because they will kill you, anyway.

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